Monster High Dolls: How Clawdeen Wolf almost made me cry!

I called Toy ‘r’ Us 1800 number to see if the dolls were in the store in Time Sq, Tammy (The lady I talk to over the phone) told me yes the Time Sq store should have them call and check! I called the Time Sq store and ask if they had the Monster High Dolls, the b*tch over the phone said no she has no dolls on her list of that name! I hop on the B train anyway because I really wanted Clawdeen Wolf because she is such a cutie! When I got to the store I could not find them at first! I swear tears were going to come down my eyes because I don’t spend $2.25 on a trip for nothing! A very nice young lady walked up to me and said “Do you need any help looking for something?” I forgot her name but hope I see her again! I told her “YES, I’m looking for the new Monster High Dolls!” She said “Oh yeah I just walked pass them!” Clawdeen Wolf was the last doll left! I was so happy, if I waited one more day I would have to kick myself! That lady on the phone did not even bother to go check to see if they had the dolls there! But, everything worked out for the best!

Now I can stop my talking and show you my photos of Clawdeen Wolf


  1. Thanks! Because of your post I stopped at TRU's in Jersey today and found all four dolls and the gift set with two. Bought them all. I couldn't resist.

  2. omg! I LOVE that last pic of Clawdeen in front of Jacob's box hehe

    glad your adventure turned out well ;)

  3. Your beautiful Photos has been stolen. The are on

  4. Dear Elabey,
    I always wanted ClawDeen Wolf but can never and i mean NEVER!Been able to find her all i got if frankie, draculora,Lagoona,duec, and cleo.
    From:Cheyenne Sadowski

  5. Great pics. Clawdeen is my fav doll! You make it look like she's a model in those pictures.

  6. i like the photo of clawdeen with jacob hehe


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