Dolls Do It Better: Kim Kardashian Vs. Ayumi N

This week I'm using Reality Star Kim Kardashian and Fashion Royalty London by Night Ayumi N. Kim Kardashian was one of those famous people I could not stand! Why? you make ask yourself! Ms. Kardashian is famous for a real nasty sex tape that she did with Ex and immanture boyfriend Ray J. But over the years, I really stated to like Kim because she was much more than a pretty girl with a black girl booty! I love everything about this photo, very sexy and a little sweet!

Ayumi is looking way hot in this photo. It was kind of hard to get this pose because I forget she was a doll and not an actual human being! However, I'm glad this photo came out so great.

Ayumi is wearing: Nadja Urban Outfitting underwear and black heels. If you can see, I painted the bottom of the shoes red!


  1. Neat posing of Ayumi.

    It can be tricky getting dolls to pose and to look human-real.


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