Working on Photoshoots, themes & BENSIELEIGH I did not forget you!!!

As of right now I working on a few photoshoots and themes for my Summer Bliss serious. So far I have taken over 65 pictures and plan on taking more this week. It is such a blessing not to have my mouth hurting me anymore after I had my tooth pull last week. The Summer Bliss
serious starts next week July 13 and end August 25 or 28. I also working on my Forever Barbie music video! Yes, we can still celebrity Barbie 50Th Birthday!

BENSIELEIGH I did not forget about you! Thank you for the award and I will answer and send you back a post soon!!

Please stay tune for next week!

Love and God Bless!


  1. Don't worry about the award!... I just have fun peeking in whenever I can to see the new dolls and their new outfits... hearing what newest ones are coming out and when! Keep it up! I have fun stopping by! (0;


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