VOGUE ITALIA July issue show Black Barbies Love!

In July 2008; Vogue Italia made history by paying respect to all Black Models and designers thoughout the fashion industry by having their first all black issue. This year it's all about Barbie; The Black Barbie we should say!

The Cover

I have to say, seeing these photos made me cry a little bit. I truly love being African America and going into stores seeing dolls who have the same skin complexion like me.

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HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Next week I will have my review on the Rocawear So in Styles Barbie dolls!


  1. Thanks, Ebony, for providing these links. It's interesting to see the various responses to the Black Barbie supplement.

  2. i love your blog,i have been looking for people who love barbies as much as i do :) check me out on yourtube.com/morganford2009

  3. I do have it, it´s incredibly!!!!!! i recommend all of you to buy it!

  4. I love the Dali sofa, I want one of this.


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