Kayla modeling in New Fashion Fever

While I was going to school, after class I would stop at my local Target near Brooklyn College. As always I will stop in the Barbie department to see what's new. I will say Mattel has lost some of their fans respect for making crappy clothing and their same face dolls in every ethic group you could imagine. But, I couldn't help myself when I saw some stuff from their new fashion line!

The outfit did come with a lipop but I lost it, so I used these sunglasses that go well with the out. I also changed the shoes because like I said before, Mattel has been making so crappy clothing and thos shoes could not stay on Kayla feet for nothing!

The outfil comes with:

White Jacket, red top, blue jeans, read shoes and a lipop!


  1. I recognize this Fashion Fever Kayla. She's pretty. Love the way you have redressed her.


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