Every Wednesday over the summer, I will be recreated photos from celebrities’ with my dolls using what I have in my collection of clothes. There are so many celebrities’ photos to choose from but, I have made my decision. Some celebrities’ I like and some I just can’t stand at all. However, I love all kinds of photo shoot so I will be using a little bit of everything!
Ciara VS Rufus Blue (Ms. Blue)
This is a scene from R&B star Ciara's music video "Never Ever". One morning I was watching MTV and saw this video, I liked what Ciara was wearing so much I got up and redid this photo!Ciara is wearing a red leather jacket, white sports bra and some faded jeans!

Ms. Blue is wearing a mixture of Fashion Fever! Why did I choose Rufus, it was so time for her to come out of her box and do her run on the CATWALK. I have to say, Ms. Blue did it better than Ciara! Ms.Blue is wearing a 2008 Fashion Fever Short red jacket and 2007 Fashion Fever Short top and pants that came together!