Barbie Fashionistas OLD Knees are better than the NEW knees and here is why! Part 2

100_4880 In Part 1 I explained my feelings on the Fashionistas line; in this 2nd part I will go into why I feel the old knees are a little bit better than the new knees and show you different styles in posing her dolls in pictures.

Have you ever notice with the old knees the legs are thicker than the new knees legs! The body on the old knees looks healthy and show Barbie with a really nice shape. Although the old knees look funny when you want your doll to stand up, she stands up in place. With the new knees when you try to make your doll stand up, she easily falls downs.

100_4883 100_4884

I will say that the new knees are better in posing than the old knees. With the new knees you can pose your doll anyway you want to and get a great shot!

100_4882 The old Knees are not that great in posing but, you can still find ways to make them look better!


I’m not saying you should buy the old knees instead of the new knees, just be glad we have a choice to buy either one. I like to keep things balance so I will buy both to be fair to all my girls!

I’m still a supporter of Barbie and would love to see where the Fashionistas line goes on from here!


  1. I see your point about the look of the legs with the new knew. Are they really doing both knees or are the using up the older knees and the new knees will be the only knees in time?

  2. I sure wish they would add an AA male to the Fashionista line.

  3. Six years later from the publication of this article, the specs of the Barbie Fashionistas line have gone downhill because of their lack of articulation...Beautiful faces but can do very limited poses. What a shame!


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