Barbie Fashionistas OLD Knees are better than the NEW knees and here is why! Part 1

2 weeks ago I was in Target the one located in the Downtown Brooklyn area; I wanted to buy another Fashionista for one of my Fashion Fever dolls. While I was looking at which doll I wanted to pick I notice something very interested, the 2nd wave of Fashionistas are being made with the old knees and new knees. But, before I go into why I like the old knees better here is what I think about the whole Fashionistas line!

When the dolls first came out in late 2009, I was very upset (not too upset) that out of all six girls you only had one Black, not even an Asian or Latina in the mix! To make matters worse 4 girls had Blonde hair and one Brunette. No Red heads, no full black hair, it was very plain! The Fashionistas are only worth buying because of their bodies and believe me, I have a diverse group of dolls at home that need new bodies.

Now that the 2nd wave of Fashionistas is in stores nothing changes, Artsy is still in the mix with her old pink outfit from the 1st wave and Ken now has Brown hair with a dash of blonde in it and you still have one Brunette!

The only thing I didn’t like about the Fashionistas was their knees (the old knees)! They didn’t look like knees they just looked like Mattel didn’t care how they were made and just threw something out there! My feelings have changed since the new knees are not that great at all!
Part 2 is coming soon, I wanted to give you a break because this post was going to be really long!


  1. I really like this post. I agree that the only reason to buy the doll is for the body. I only wish there were more bodies to choose from. I had not noticed the knees until your post. I have only purchased the Artsy doll. More AA complexions would help me out! No AA males either!

    By the way, what do you do with the old bodies once you have given them new ones?

  2. your so right the only reason i got one is for the body
    im going to start doing some antm type stuff with my dolls like a competition
    and the model muse body is good for pre show photos but actual modeling in photo shoots hell no
    so thats why i got one of these dolls
    and i agree also that whats up with their being only one black girl and not even really dark
    oh an d i thought the brunette wuz latina i guess i was wrong


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