My Children are here!

My three girls I ordered back in June came last Tuesday and I'm so happy to have them here! Vinyl Vintage Reese who I renamed Raina is too cute! Mais Oui Giselle is really gorgeous; the only part I dislike is her hair but that can be changed! and Finally Boogie Beach Aria who I now call Alva! When the girls arrived I heard them fighting in the box! Alva was saying how she had to wait almost 3 months for them to come and Raina and Giselle kept saying it wasn't their fault! Integrity always take to so long to shipped out there dolls! Of course when I opened the box, all that fighting stop and Alva begged me to open her up first! Which I did and then Giselle and Raina. Soon the girl put aside their difference and took a photo together! Next week I will give them their own photo shoot!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who waits to have their dolls shipped together. Though I'm waiting for some to come from July and then this month (the ITBEs--I'm optimistic, you know!). You're SOOO patient!

    They are fantastic. I love Aria! She's great in person. And the more I see of Reese, too--the more I love her! Congrats!

  2. As soon as I heard the dolls came in almost 2 weeks ago I went crazy! But I had to wait a few more days because the place where I order my dolls shipped a lot of Sooki and didn't shipped Reese, so I had to wait another week! But she is here now and I still so happy!

  3. hehe we have the same children... well... except Aria - I don't have this one YET.


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