3 Dolls In One Week Part 2:

Omg I can't believe after 3 weeks from ordering My Essence Dominique Makeda, she is finally coming home! I spoke to the ebay seller and I have no hard feelings about waiting so long. I wanted this doll since the beinging of this year and because I'm not part of the Wu club I missed out on a few ladies I wanted. So, I will be waiting for my new daughter!

P.S. this is part 2 from the post 3 Dolls In One Week


  1. Hi there! I'm the one that started the blog thread on the Doll Observers group. I love your blog, very sleek design. I'm currently busy with college, but in January I hope I'll have time to keep up with all the new blogs I've found.
    Take care.
    P.S. The doll is beautiful.

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