3 Dolls In One Week Part 1

Yes, I'm keeping my promise to keep blogging. 😊 

2019 is almost over and I'm doing my research/learning on some collections I missed. I'm looking beyond my comfort zone because I am interested in all kinds of dolls. I was all about Barbie and integrity toys, but my taste has changed over the years. I will talk more about my change of mind in the furture. Let's discuss my three new dolls I ordered last week.

To order 3 dolls in one week for me is unreal. In the pass, I usually just buy dolls as I go along. This week I've truly could not help myself. 

I already ordered this curvy barbie. I need this lady because she is just beautiful. I'm all for making more curvy and dark skin dolls so little girls can have something that looks like them.

The next  doll I ordered has the Harley Davidson facemold. I like this one because he looks like he is mixed with a asian ethicist. 
There will be a part 2 this post coming soon. 
Bye for now!