Back To My Old Self

Being a doll collector has it's challenges. I knew once I stopped looking at everyone else having fun and participate in the destruction of my wallet things will never be the same. 

Now, I spend a lot of money in November and I lost my mind when the 2019 Nu.face collections was revealed last weekend. I'm truly not surprised that I spend so much money for the pass 6 weeks. If I have the funds and see the dolls I want then buying what I like should not be a problem. 

Now that I'm back to collecting, I want to  enjoy my collection and be more responsible. I'm trying not to just buy everything I see, I also will be selling dolls that can get attention at other homes and truly appreciate what I have. 


Giselle Diefendorf

Paris Runway


  1. I know that feeling of wanting to buy every single new release. I've eventually learned to calm down and just buy dolls that I really enjoy.

    Hope you have an amazing Holiday time1

    1. Yes, I'm on ebay almost every day and see so many things I want but I need to stay focus.

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