My First Momoko: Wakeup

The year was 2008 and I went to my first ever doll show in Long Island, New York. I got to see so many dolls in person. One of the many dolls I wanted was Erin and Nadja from Fashion Royalty. I knew that doll collecting was a deadly game that I wanted to joined.

One of the many dolls I saw at the doll show was a Momoko doll. Now I didn't really find this doll cool (photo below) but I like that she looked different! When I arrived home I did all my research on all the dolls I discovered which include Momoko. 

Now over the years I always wanted to get a Momoko, however, it seen that I never really put in the effort to buy Momoko. This year all that changed. I made up my mind that the first doll for this year will be a Momoko.

I put up a post on Instagram and asked where can I buy a Momoko doll. I was directed to a doll collector named Dal who had a few Momoko. When she showed me one doll, my heart completely melt.

This is doll is called Wake-Up and everything about her is too cute! I love her skin, her face. I mean she is just awesome! I plan on getting more Momokos but for now, I'll wait until the time is right! Maybe another 10 years 😂


  1. Glad to see you back. Wake Up is a cutie. I need to get back to my blog too.

  2. I got a Wake Up tanned with red hair Momoko three years ago and am still enchanted with her! There is just something about these doll! When I see pictures of others dolls, they have that same captivating quality. She poses well and would look good in a dinner napkin. There is just something about her! Congrats on getting yours. Have fun discovering her and take photo!

  3. Congratulations on getting your first Momoko! The blonde cutie shown in your photo is Go for Victory Momoko. I'm fortunate to have her and a few others with me, still. I like her bouncy ponytail and stoic expression. Your Momoko looks cute. Neat how you've got her re-dressed. I look forward to seeing your photos.

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