Takeo & Addie A True Love Story: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Takeo & Addie A True Love Story is here, hope you enjoy the show because more are coming. I took a lot of pictures for this episode, it took me 4 to finish. I just hope it was all worth!


  1. Bravo! I like the way you put the dialogue in the colored boxes -- that makes it easier to read.

    Please leave the text on screen longer so people can read it all. Try reading it aloud as you watch on screen. If you can't read it all before the next frame comes in, the clip is too short.

    Also using cross dissolves between frames that have dialogue or titles in them can be confusing. You can either leave the text up long enough for people to read and then make a simple jump cut to the next frame or you can have the text "disappear" by putting the same image without the text next to the frame with the text. If you put a cross dissolve between those two frames, the text will appear to fade out of the frame before the next image comes in.

    Did you make the food?

    Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks Limbe Dolls!

    I'm taking my time on Episode 3, I will make the text longer and work on the cross frames! I did make the food!

    Thanks again and I will keep them comng!

  3. They make such a cute couple! Addie was looking fly with her shades on. Just curious, what size are your images?

  4. I always keep the original size which is 1280 x 960! It makes the video come out better!

  5. Have you tried it on 800 x 600 or 900 x ???. It takes a long time for some of the pictures to load if you are using 3G. I actually have 4G, but it doesn't always perform at 4G. There were a couple of times that I almost stopped the video because I felt it was taking too long. All of my images in my videos are at 800x600.

  6. Ebony I enjoyed the video even when I paused to read some stuff..LOL. I see this has been noted. You make food too..hmm. I can't wait for your next installment.

  7. osea mamor super chulo el video esta genial y porque no haces un capitulo donde tengan sexo sex hagan el amor?

    1. Algunos de nuestros mejores historias son contadas sin todo el sexo, todas las películas de la década de 1920 los 30 años 40 años 50 años 60 e incluso 70, todos tenían unos guiones buenos sin las malas palabras y el sexo! Somos coleccionistas de muñecas para contar historias de lo que no todo el sexo, sin embargo, si un SENCE sexo viene, voy a ser muy limpio al respecto!


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