Meet The Friends of Addie for Episode 3

Addie Ailey
Here is something very short about Addie's friends in Episode 3 of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story! I will be uploading the show early this weekend. 

Alva Vega
Alva Vega is a very get to the point person, never afraid to say what’s on her mind. Born and raised in Palma, Spain with her Parents Alano and Elicia Vega, brother Jack Vega and sister Aria Vega!
Alva parents were both very popular soap opera actors and soon got a call for “My Children” (Fake All My Children) in New York City. Alva was very happy because she dream about living in New York and beg her parents to learn English in hopes to live in the big apple, finally her dreams were coming true.

Today Alva herself is an actress on “My Children” but is now looking for work because earlier this year, the cast found out that the show is being canceled. 

Ayumi Nolee
Ayumi Nolee was once a “mean girl” you did not want to be around; now Ayumi is someone who will always have your back until the very end!

Ayumi had a life changing moment when she was in a tragic car accident 5 years ago which left a big scar on her forehead. “Life was too short being a bitch” Ayumi said to herself while lying in the hospital bed.

Ayumi is not bitter or angry anymore, yes The Top Model herself has moved pass the many troubles she had in her life, and hanging out with Addie, Alva and Sam has been a big help! 

Samantha Woods
Samantha or Sam is an actress who works with Alva on “My Children”. Unlike Alva, Sammy wasn’t too sad about the ending of the show. Sammy has two big movie roles in the works and plans to write a children’s book.

Sammy is a down to earth girl from Queens, New York; she was the only child growing up. Sammy never felt alone because when she met Addie and Chandra at a church picnic years ago, she found 2 sisters from another mother! 


  1. Nice magazine cover of Addie. She is such a pretty doll.

  2. This should be very interesting. You even pulled in the "All My Children" controversy. Can't wait to see what transpires.

  3. Great profiles :) Loving forward to the episode.


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