Sunday, August 07, 2011

Oh my Back

I see that my other doll buddies have posted their photos, which is cool because my back is hurting me so bad from yesterday. It took me all morning just to move and find my way to the bathtub. So here are a few photos from my dolly outing!

Madison's nose got a little dirt on it from somewhere I just have to take care of it! 

All the dolls got together for a group photo!
I will posted more photos through out the week because I have more to share, but right now I have to lay down and watch some TV!


  1. I love when you guys have your outings. Madison is so pretty. I have one. The size of her head keeps her from making my stories. I hope your back gets better.

  2. I always like your out door photos. Hope your back feels better soon.

  3. Nice pics! So cool to hang out with dolly much fun!

  4. Oh honey, I'm sorry your back was hurting. Hope you're feeling much better. It was great seeing you again and even though it rained during our play time, I still had fun! Your pics are gorgeous as ever!

  5. @Angie
    My muscles are very tight which is telling me I need to work out more, other than that I’m glad I went out!

    go headed and use Madison, don't worry about the head thing!

    Thanks for the nice comments guys!

  6. Big headed dolls bother me. I have a hard time even using the fashionistas because their heads are slightly enlarged.

  7. Hope your back feels better soon.

    Another lovely set of doll photos. Thanks for sharing their outing ;-D

  8. Ebony your back and my shoulder is killing me..LOL. I've been popping pills to get it all better. I guess that means we both need exercise :O)
    Love your shots of the dolls. I have to play with the new camera more so I get better shots

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  10. Is it just me, or aren't you and Dollz4Moi a little young for all these aches and pains. I guess pain doesn't come with an age attached to it.

  11. @Vanessa I know I am and it seems as I get a year older (42) something goes south..LOL. My frozen shoulder is the newest development. I'm working on getting back to my fitness routine a bit at a time :O)

  12. I'm plan lazy and the walking I did on Saturday was a big wake up call! I walk all the time but that was more than I usually do. I've been exercising and feeling a lot better!

    Ankia when did you turn 42? :O


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