Spending Money on a rainy day: Doing a lot of venting here

Crock Pot
On Tuesday (August 9) I got stuck at the doctor's office because it was raining so hard; I was not trying to get wet again because on my way there it looked like I took a shower with my clothes on! After a hour of watching bad TV (My Wife and Kids is such a bad show) I walked pretty fast to Atlantic Terminal Mall to grab a bite to eat and as always look around for new items! My mom wanted a small crock pot so I got that for her, I also found classic He-Man DVD for $5 dollars which I just had to have. 

Now I could not leave Target without looking at the doll section, I saw new Monster High, Moxie, Bartz and some Barbie dolls! I think around this time of the year we will start to see more new items come, maybe in September the shelves will be fully stock! I'm tired of going to Target and they never have anything that matches. It's like going to some house and they have jelly but no peanut butter or cereal but no damn milk! The toy stores or the stores that carry toys really need to get it together!  

Enough about my dislikes, let me just show you my goodies I bought because that's what we are all here for! First up is 2 new Justin Bieber fashion packs; now I have nothing against Bieber or his little monster of fans, hell I do like maybe 1 or 2 of his song and the duet he did with Chris Brown. However, the kid singing just rubs me the wrong way and I am tried of seeing his wack videos whenever I turn on MTV hits, which is why I choose to turn off the TV.
I really do love these fashions if there's anything I do dislike is those Hip Top sneakers with the purple hoodie. Each pack contains 7 pieces, so whatever male doll you use it on will be in style! 

Remember my post on August 7, I posted photos of my dolly day out but forgot to tell you what I bought! My friends and I travel to FAO Schwarz where I found the Barbie Basics 2.0 Fashion pack for Ken. 
Again, Target and Toy "R" Us in Time Sq did not have this pack, I probably paid a little too much for this but things happen!  Our trip didn't stop there, we went to Toy "R" Us in Time Sq to look for more dolls and fashion and I picked up this little number.

My Monster High girls need clothes too, they are in need of some serious photo shoot time! 
I do have more to share so just come back this weekend! 

Plus don't forget!
Episode 2 is coming this weekend!


  1. Now I need the JB clothing packs. My teen boys loved the last clothes I got from him. Did you find them @Target and how much?

  2. Yes there were at Target and for ummm $9.99 :(


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