New Barbie Basic 2.0 with new faces, old faces and sexy jeans Part 1


With the new Barbie Basics 2.0 coming out, I think its time to see which dolls hopped on the basic line and who got a totally make over. In this Basic theme it’s all about the Jeans! Let’s start with the newbie’s: First the guys: Model 15 has Edward Cullen face mold, Model 16 is Kurt from a past fashion fever line. I was never able to get my hands on Kurt so I really can not wait to have this doll! Model 17 is Jacob who has been modified into a sexy African American! Christian Louboutin Barbie steps in as Model 14! I’m all for the new boys but, Model 14 I will have to leave alone because I can not find one thing I like about her! The male models are a nice touch to the Basic line and I hope to see more in the future!

Now let’s focus on some of the changes of past Basic girls! Model 1 which is Barbie who is rocking nice curls, Model 2 went short, and Model 3 is an afro blonde. Model 5 is letting her hair down with bangs! Model 7 is still red but with some of her hair up, Model 8 went shorter than Model 2 and some on are calling her Whitney Houston! Model 11 is blonde, but really that’s nothing new because Teresa has had blonde hair before in past Fashion Fever lines! My eyes are on Model 5, 8 and also Model 4 which we should discuss.

In Part 2………………….


Here are the accessory packs coming soon!


  1. I can't wait! The men are hot!

  2. I don't think #4 is the Louboutin. This face mold looks like the old Asian/Polynesian. Louboutin, uglier. Sorry Barbie!

    I am soooo looking forward to these handsome men! Did you see the Japanese Samurai? Yum! Has Barbie done an Asian man before? If not, it's about time!

  3. Personally, I love #14. More for me, I guess!

    Loving #5 and the boys, too.

  4. I got #14 and she is sooo pretty. I just love her face and the colors are perfect for her. she looks better pale than dark the the louboutin's. i didnt even realize they were the same face till i read it here.. i also found #15, kinda disapointed that hes not quite as HOT as the pictures but hes still pretty good looking.. im eagerly awaiting #17.... as far as the new ken goes, i thot he had the new ken mold.. im going to have to do some compairing.. i have a MIB kurt somewhere in my mountians of barbies.


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