Who should be the next Taj?

I gave away all of my Christie and Nikki dolls last summer, which also means I gave away Lonnie's beautiful wife Taj seen here on the right! I plan on doing short stories coming in August so Lonnie needs a new wife fast! I have one Fashionistas and 3 lovely heads; I need help picking the girl because the decision is very hard to make. This will be just like in the Soap Operas when one character has so many face changes aka Carly from General Hospital.

The Story will be about Young famous people in Hollywood; The focus will be on Lonnie and Taj's relationship as well as their friends.

Here are the 3 girls you can chose from!
Adele Close Up

Rocawear Trichell

My Scene Madison

The Poll will last from JULY 25-AUGUST 6. You can vote anyway you want to send me email at BrooklynStarsForever@gmail.com, leave a comment on Flick.com or just use the poll here!


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