The Fab 4 on the Red Carpet!

You ever wanted to be a reporter on the red carpet, taking pictures of not just the stars but those gorgeous gowns, dresses or suits! Being a doll collector you are able to do all of that. You love playing dress up and being able to explore another part of yourself that no one else knows; not even your closest family members! Thank God for fellow doll buddies who understand where you are coming from, if it wasn't for us we will be all in the crazy house together!

Now back to business; last year I took some photos of my dolls walking on the red carpet! Those photos never made it because there was so much going on at the time but, there are here now and lets have a look at them.

The clothes are from a red carpet fashion Pack that came out last year!

Nikki is in a Gold dress wearing shoes from Fashion Royalty

Grace(That's what I named her) is in a Black and silver dress

Ross is in a black suit with a hint of sliver in it

Alice is wearing a red and black dress with red shoes I had to find somewhere in my basket of shoes! Thank God they can in handy.

Please stay tune because I have plenty of other photos to share!

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