LIV Dolls 2010 w/ Hayden Spin Master Toy Fair Preview

Everyone is so into the Liv Dolls as of right now! The reason why? liv Dolls maybe all in pink like Barbie, High in Fashion like Fashion Royalty or over the top big head girls (sometimes hooker looking) Bratz. Liv Dolls are in a league of their own; you can change their hair anytime you want to! Put on something else beside PINK and just have fun taking photos because these girls are so pose able. Below is a video of a ToyFair showing all the dolls and clothes for the Liv Dolls Spring line!


  1. I like the poseable bodies and some of the outfits. Not crazy about the heads although the coloring for the new doll, Hayden, almost overcomes my aversion to big-headed dolls.


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