Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 to 11 is the way to go!

Coming next month are the most drop dead gorgeous men in the world!

Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani Fashion Figure



Style Strategy Lukas M Dressed Fashion Figure


Susan of Susan's Shop of Dolls is holding these two for me next month, so I can pick them up at the Doll show that is coming to Long Island, New York! This will mark my 3rd year visiting  the doll show and I hope they have something that is worth buying. My first year was in 2008 where I bought my first Dynamite Girl 2nd wave Jett and My Melody Barbie. In 2009 my 2nd year I was happy to find Kwanzaa Barbie for $20.00 dollars; trust me guys that is cheap because if you’re buying online people are charging you $100.00 dollars and that is not cool! Plus I bought the last Rufus Blue 3rd wave before somebody else came and took her away from me! Lets see what happens this year because even if I only come home with these two sexy dolls that will be okay with my!

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