10 to 11 is the way to go!

Coming next month are the most drop dead gorgeous men in the world!

Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani Fashion Figure



Style Strategy Lukas M Dressed Fashion Figure


Susan of Susan's Shop of Dolls is holding these two for me next month, so I can pick them up at the Doll show that is coming to Long Island, New York! This will mark my 3rd year visiting  the doll show and I hope they have something that is worth buying. My first year was in 2008 where I bought my first Dynamite Girl 2nd wave Jett and My Melody Barbie. In 2009 my 2nd year I was happy to find Kwanzaa Barbie for $20.00 dollars; trust me guys that is cheap because if you’re buying online people are charging you $100.00 dollars and that is not cool! Plus I bought the last Rufus Blue 3rd wave before somebody else came and took her away from me! Lets see what happens this year because even if I only come home with these two sexy dolls that will be okay with my!