Good Morning, God Bless and Good Dolly Talk!

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to where ever your are in the world! I should be in Church on this Sunday morning but, there is next Sunday for me to hear the good word! Speaking of the Good word, I have some actually photos to show you from the new Integrity 2010 line from Noddyfry Photostream.  There was an Dollz in Oz Hollywood Convention 2010 in the great outback( Australia) this past Saturday March 27, 2010, where you get to see all the dolls in PERSON( WHY ON EARTH DID THEY NOT DO THAT HERE IN NEW YORK)! Really I have no hard feelings because there will always be next year (GODS WILLING). If you don’t have the 2010 dolls yet hurry over to any doll dealer online and order, order, order, order!4467756077_d31aa3e5a5


  1. LOL @ outback... 'tis true, we have lots of desert and low bushland but this time, the Convention was actually in the city - Darling Harbour actually, right next to all the skyscrapers (or what little we do have here)

    I think the only time "convention" things are held in the outback are probably those team building things and maybe church camp stuff... *shrugs* my bf is dragging me out to the bush the weekend after Easter *sigh* must stock up on the insect repellent...


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