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Coming back sometime in June

What happen with my time off!
Yesterday if you were a true Jem and the Holograms fan, then you sat down and watched a good full 3 hours of the 80's ICON!
 Nothing happen on May 21 and nothing is going to happen on October 21, that crazy old man needs a hug and a nap!
I ordered 2 more dolls, which means I will sell 2 or more dolls out of my collection! I have to do this on the down-low because if my mom finds out that I'm selling some of my dolls she will go in my bag and will try to keep them!
I made my first video story, it's coming in June look out for that one! P.S. Vanessa, I don't know how you and the others do it! 
I made a new video last week,
  Hope you like the Susie girls with the Fashionistas boys because  you will see them in a story together.
So I'm still working on my stories, my new series will come out sometime in late July or early August! I have to get my room ready for a much up to date paint job. However, I still will come by and give updates on what …

It's that time again people!

I am taking a blog break for the first time this year; I have been posting like a mad woman and lord knows I try to always update as much as I can. However I need time to clear my head, clean my room and keep on writing because I do want to do a summer story. 
I used to write all the time and about 5 or 6 years ago I just stopped, mainly because I had nothing to write about. My dolls have encouraged me to write again and do I have a crazy mind which you will see or read very soon. 
I will see you next month in June but in the mean time check out these photo I took 2 weeks ago in Prospect Park. These are not the best photos but, they came out okay!

G.I. Joe: Renegades Toys Coming Soon!

As a child I always like playing with both dolls and Action Figures (which are dolls), so it's only fair to still love them as an Adult. So I am really happy about the news I'm going to share with you now; if you are a big fan of  G.I. Joe fan like I am then you should also know that a New Version that premiered on November 26, 2010 on The Hub.

Here is the plot summery:

"A group of young G.I.s are forced to become fugitives after a spy mission goes horribly wrong that involves the explosion of Cobra Industries' Cobra Pharmaceuticals. Now branded as renegades by the media for crimes they didn't commit, they're forced to fight. Pursued by the authorities, Cobra mercenaries, and the Falcons, they must use all their skills to prove their innocence and to expose the true face of Cobra Industries and its mysterious leader Adam DeCobray."

Stories in the trash!

I'm working on a summer story series and when I went to finishing writing, I notice my notes were nowhere to be found. After spending an hour looking for my notebook, I realize I throw it in the trash. I'm always cleaning out my desk which means anything I don't need goes in the trash.  This also means I have to write everything over again; it was all coming together so well! 
Please wish me luck!

After a Year

Last Friday I went to my old hang out spot Kings Pharmacy, not only is it a pharmacy for people who need medical care you can also buy make-up, school supplies, perfumes, house hold cleaning products and TOYS! That's right people, they have a nice selection of Barbies' there, they still have a few Fashion Fever, My Scene and some new ones as well. I saw some So In Style, Barbie Basics and Fashionistas dolls there too.
When Mattel change the Barbie Fashionistas to pivotal knees; everyone has such a hard time looking for Arsty. I was waiting for Target, Toy"R"Us or any store so I can have Arsty. After a year I finally found Arsty but, you know I never keep the heads on the fashionistas.
Look who is a Fashionista now!
My Scene Madison aka Maddie is looking really good as a Fashionista!

The Newbie's: Guess who's coming to dinner?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm thinking about doing a Summer story series, I would let you know in the coming weeks, I'm also taking a blogging break very soon because I need time to write the story and take care of other things in my life. I want my stories to be more real and very juicy!
 Ayumi started to get very nervous about the dinner, she has not been on a date in 2 years and that date was with her ex-boss Lukas which Ayumi would never do again.  After moving the table around Ayumi felt a lot better about the dinner
 Ayumi could not believe her eyes when this handsome guy walked in  Kyne is the new guy in town with the good looks and the heart of gold! If you're looking for a cocky dude, Kyne is not the one.  Ayumi heart is on fire!
Ayumi and Kyne seem to hit it off right away, they talked about everything from music, movies, past jobs, old friends you name it. Kyne is really feeling Ayumi and Ayumi wants another date soon!

 Oh yeah, things are looking up  Things are going so well t…