It's that time again people!

I am taking a blog break for the first time this year; I have been posting like a mad woman and lord knows I try to always update as much as I can. However I need time to clear my head, clean my room and keep on writing because I do want to do a summer story. 

I used to write all the time and about 5 or 6 years ago I just stopped, mainly because I had nothing to write about. My dolls have encouraged me to write again and do I have a crazy mind which you will see or read very soon. 

I will see you next month in June but in the mean time check out these photo I took 2 weeks ago in Prospect Park. These are not the best photos but, they came out okay!

I finally bought Barbie Basic Model 16, I had a hard time naming him but a woman by the name of Teatra on named him Carson. Which is okay by me because the name fits him so well! Carson is also Married to Top Model HairWear Summer who I name Victoria. When I told Carson he was a Married man, he was so happy. Carson said that the Barbie Basic chicks are so stuck up and told me not to buy one girl, but the guys are okay! I guess I just have to take Carson word for it!

Awww, they so damn cute!


  1. Good luck with the writing. I love the name Carson. He is the one male that I did not buy, but he's a cutie. I have to disagree with him on the Barbie Basic girls. I have found them to be really down to earth, at least the brunettes and the redheads.

  2. I always like your outdoor photos and these are especially cute. Can't wait to see what stories you will come up with when you return.

  3. nice.. please view my blog


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