Coming back sometime in June

What happen with my time off!

Yesterday if you were a true Jem and the Holograms fan, then you sat down and watched a good full 3 hours of the 80's ICON!

 Nothing happen on May 21 and nothing is going to happen on October 21, that crazy old man needs a hug and a nap!

I ordered 2 more dolls, which means I will sell 2 or more dolls out of my collection! I have to do this on the down-low because if my mom finds out that I'm selling some of my dolls she will go in my bag and will try to keep them!

I made my first video story, it's coming in June look out for that one!
P.S. Vanessa, I don't know how you and the others do it! 

I made a new video last week,

  Hope you like the Susie girls with the Fashionistas boys because 
you will see them in a story together.

So I'm still working on my stories, my new series will come out sometime in late July or early August! I have to get my room ready for a much up to date paint job. However, I still will come by and give updates on what going on in the doll world and 2 more "the newbies" story for all of you. So Until then



  1. I am so dense. I didn't know that you were StormeeJane! I just resubscribed to your videos. I thought I was subscribed but when I checked again, it wasn't so. I love your Fashionista videos.

    Can't wait for your Video Story.

  2. I have so many different names online, it's not even funny. StormeeJane will be the name you will find me with!

  3. Ebony you have caught the bug more dolls coming in..oy vey. I have a ton of dolls that have to go. I may have to go the donation route with a few things.

    I watched Jem and have to watch it again when it comes on. I forgot how addictive that show is..LOL

  4. You know A, I was not into the DG girls this year but they were screaming "BUY ME, BUY ME!" and I was like "OKAY, DAMN WHY YA HAD TO BE SO CUTE"

    Yes Jem was addictive, I had my snacks ready and really forgot it was there!


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