After a Year

Last Friday I went to my old hang out spot Kings Pharmacy, not only is it a pharmacy for people who need medical care you can also buy make-up, school supplies, perfumes, house hold cleaning products and TOYS! That's right people, they have a nice selection of Barbies' there, they still have a few Fashion Fever, My Scene and some new ones as well. I saw some So In Style, Barbie Basics and Fashionistas dolls there too.

When Mattel change the Barbie Fashionistas to pivotal knees; everyone has such a hard time looking for Arsty. I was waiting for Target, Toy"R"Us or any store so I can have Arsty. After a year I finally found Arsty but, you know I never keep the heads on the fashionistas.

Look who is a Fashionista now!

My Scene Madison aka Maddie is looking really good as a Fashionista!


  1. She looks great in her new body! I miss New York! I lived in Harlem and there are so many little Spanish stores selling loads of little doodads. They have no idea some of the value of older collector Barbies. I got such deals there!

  2. You know I love Madison she looks great on her new body. I may have to stop @ Kings to see if they have anymore of the pre-swap head dolls

  3. @Dani
    I used to go to class in sunset park and I love the discount stores there, one of them was called DEE DEE I think and that's where I bought all my RBD dolls. I also found Fashion Fever dolls that was so hard to find!

    It took me years to like Madison, I'm glad I have 2!


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