Reblog: Monster High in 2011

This is a post from Shuga Shug's blog  about new Monster dolls and thing coming out this year!

Well it seems that 2011 has some great Monster High products coming down the line!
New Characters!
  • Abby Bominable
  • Spectra Von Hauntington
  • Clawd and Clawdette Wolf, the brother and sister to Clawdeen Wolf
         Continuation of Dawn of the Dance!
  • Ghoulia Yelps
  • Draculaura
         New series!
  • “Ghoulishly Freaky/Masquerade”, which showcases all of the main characters in their formal attire from the sounds of it.
  •  ”Dead Tired”, which is the pajama series containing all the main characters.
       New playsets!
  • Monster High 3rd Floor School Playset
  • Lagoona’s Hydration Station
Also I found that a tween shop called Justice (in alot of malls too) are carrying these dolls.  Quite a bit are on the website:  and right now you can use a 40% off coupon until the 10th:  coupon code 779
I don’t know how many of you watch the cute little short videos from the main site, but I think I’ll add them here for fun.  I really enjoy them, LOL, so here is the newest one.  To see the older ones go to the main site here:
         “DATE OF THE DEAD”