Dolls of the World Japan Ken is now Dai Oono

Last Thursday night I gave you a sneak peek of Japan Ken, so after finding a cool name and taking some wonderful photos I'm going to give a brief review on Dai Oono.

Let me start by saying that Mattel did a very good job on this doll with a few bad details. Overall the good wins over the bad.

Hair,Face and Body
When you buy Japan Ken the first thing you will fall in love with is his hair; the nice dark long locks is simply out of this world. You can give him corn-rolls if one can do that, do some curls at the end, put in a ponytail. But be careful not to make him look too much like a girl, he will not like that.

Dai has the best facial features, with his high cheek bones, deep smokey eyes that when you look into you just want to have his bady.  The Goatee with Moustache is totally working for him and I'm also fond of his body too.

Tru_Fashionista_Luv from re-bodied Japan Ken with a Harley Davidson Ken and while I do love Japan ken on this body; Dai on a Model Muse body makes him really beautiful in every way.



Dai Oono wears traditional Japanese patterned-fabric with contemporary styled clothing. I have a feeling that if integrity toys were making this doll, the material of the clothing would have been so much better.

Oono's clothing feels so cheap that if I were to set his shameful rags on fire, no doubt it will burn in a matter of secords. However, I do love the styling.

Coming to an Understanding

To be honset I did not plan on getting this doll, it was after seeing photos of him online I was sold and Dai Oono was worth the $34.84 dollars! From the package and the handsome one woman's man, it truly cool having this doll.

I will give Japan Ken 31/2 stars because although the clothes are some what of a hot made in somewhere mess, I will buy a 2nd one just to keep him around!


  1. I can't decide if I'm going to buy this or not. Most of my barbies are thrift store finds (I like the thrill of the hunt) but this one just has such an awesome face. I will probably sell his clothes on ebay to offset the cost a little bit...but he's calling to me.


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