Barbie Basics:Model #8 is great!

If you’re on then you will know in February 2010 I posted photos of Model #8 and named her Beyonci! And if you know me really well then you will know that I hate Beyonce’s music and so on! I had to be on drugs to name one of my dolls after one of the most hyped singers in music ever! It doesn’t matter how I feel about Beyonce the singer, it matters how I feel about Beyonci the Doll!

Model #8 truly is a beautiful doll and much more! Like Model #2 and #10 I didn’t plan on buying her but, Ms. Beyonci has her work cut out for her! Reasons why I named her Beyonci; well she has long blond hair and the same skin color WHY NOT?Beyonci3948





  1. She is a Beyonce barbie.

  2. Hey Anonymous, No she is not a Beyonce doll but there was a Beyonce doll that came out years ago!


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