So here is a story for you..

UPS was supposed to deliver my doll off July 1!!! July 1 came and went, I checked online to see what was going on. UPS said the delivery was rescheduled for July 2. Here comes July 2, I went online to check my email; Terri (who I got the doll from) told me the UPS man could not find my apartment and had to come back the next day. I was so livid because I was here all day cleaning my house, waiting to meet my new friend!!!!

Terri called UPS and gave them my correct apartment. Later on that night, I could not sleep at all!!! So I call UPS to make sure they had the right apartment number. Well good thing I called because they did not have the right number (WTH ). Instead of B8 they had D3 (Say what). I gave the man my RIGHT apartment number and my cell number just in case anything happen!!! For some reason that night I still could not sleep!!!

I called UPS again that morning, spoke to a sweet lady named Kim, I told her what happen for the past 2 days and I need her to repeat my information back to me. HERE WE GO AGAIN; they still had apartment D3 in the system; apartment B8 is where I live. One more time I had to give them my right information again. Ms. Kim explain to me that if the package does not come today, it will be there on Mondy July 7.

OH NO , after I got off the phone with her I made a note to the UPS MAN telling him where to drop off the package. 2 hours later I went down stair and I saw the UPS truck down the block; I waited for Mr. UPS MAN, because if I had to kick his butt to get my doll it was on (JOKE: I would never do that ) FINALLY, my FR doll came. That box was so HOT, she could not wait to get out of there. Later that afternoon; I told my mother what happen and she said a person with the same name as mine live in apartment D3, but she move a long time ago. Thank you for listening to me cry a river here are some photos


  1. OOOHH She was definitely worth the trouble!! I understand your anxiety to get your doll because I live outside the US and buy dolls from abroad all the time :D
    She's absolutely wonderful and you posed her beautifully!!!!! Congratulations!!! :D


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