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Ninja Assassin: Good Lord why is singer/actor Rain not a doll?

 This is just a rant but trust me, you would really love this post!

Don't worry boo boo I still love you!
Back in 2009 when Twilight: New Moon was in theaters everyone was so hooked on Taylor Lautner ads (I was in that group, I'm human things happen) we totally forgot about another sexy heart throb that went over our heads.

One day I heard my mom screaming "I can't watch this movie" I quickly ran in the living to see what on earth was she talking about. I sat down next to her to view what was going on; there was so much blood, body parts and guts all over the place. 

Now I love blood and guts  so I took the remote from my mom to see what was the name of the movie: Behold it was Ninja Assassin a movie I wanted to see back in 09 but, because of Twilight: New Moon and other situations I will not go into it just slipped my mind! 


The lead Actor in the movie Ninja Assassin name is Rain and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, this man will have you drooling and you may not even realize it until you feel something wet drop on your hands. 

Now I'm going to bored you too much with the details about his career but I will tell you a few things; Rain is a pop and R&B star from South Korea and has had many acting roles in T.V. and movies(In Korea). Rain big break in American was the not so animated Speed Racer movie back in 2008 and now his well know role in Ninja Assassin which he won "Biggest Badass Star" at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.  Now if you want to know more about this very sexy handsome gorgeous  (oops sorry getting too carry away here) just go to this link Rain information.

The reason why I'm taking about Rain is because, this young man is such a good actor I would have like to see him in a movie not being a NINJA! I love my Ninja movies but I think a actor like Rain is beyond the frighting with stars and swords. I didn't see the Speed Racer movie because I have a problem with Hollywood messing with my cartoons, but I have to see how well Rain acts in there. I do listen to his music on Youtube and watch some of the T.V. shows that Rain has been on in Korea on   

I also have to acknowledge the crazy chemistry that Rain had with his co-star Naomie Harris in Ninja Assassin, which made me like the movie even more. Some people felt that the movie was racist because Rain an Asian man did not kiss Naomie Harris a British woman from Jamaican heritage. I found that to be ridiculous because there was so much frighting going on, who had the time to have sex! The movie was great and I hope you the readers will see it soon, hell have a movie night and go rent it! 

Here are some photos of Rain, now if you have any medical conduction please
take your medication before viewing these photos! 
Rain with Naomie Harris

I think I'll give you a few more!

Okay one more..................................


  1. Ebony, try this action movie that included a scene where Clive Owen has s-e- guess the third letter while shooting villains. Funny send-up of a lot of action flicks, IMHO.

    Aside: apologize to any young people or parents of young people offended by the mention of this movie. I laughed throughout it though.

    Oh and young Rain looks mighty f-i-n-e. Young for me, but a cutie all the same ;-D

    Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

  2. A pity I am too old for this hunky, hunky, hunky guy, or I would say, "Never mind the doll, I'll take HIM!"

  3. Ebony love me some Rain. I find it funny but I hate movies where they're in so much danger but you have time for kissing and sometimes sex O_o

    That's oh he!! no moment. Time to turn the channel..LOL

  4. Oh My! I'd love to have a "Rain" doll. I saw him Live last year in a concert and he is so freakin' hot!

    Rain doll pleaseeeee!!!!!!

  5. That boy has abs for days! Age ain't nothing but a number, as Aliyah would say. I think that was Aliyah. I'll take young and dumb over old and stupid any day.

  6. @ D7ana I have to see that movie, I'm not too big of a fan of Clive Owen but I'm willing to see that movie!

  7. @miladyblue I'm a year older than Rain and I feel like I'm robbing the cradle! But I have to agree with you, I rather have him than the doll!

  8. @Ankia Thank you, I have when I'm watching a movie with somebody life is in danger and they have time to have sex! REALLY.............

  9. @ Doll on Top I would love to see him in concert that would be fun!

    @Vanessa LOLOLOL, His body is a wonderland! I would totally want Rain to be my first but, that's another story for another day! LMAO!

  10. @EbonyNicole30 - oh, yes, that movie was fun. The best scene though was when Clive Owen and Monica Belucci were um what usually happens only they were swinging, and he was shooting - at the SAME time. ROTFLMBO

    Incredible thing is, it WORKED for that movie.

    Oh, and I am not a Clive Owen fan per se. Just LOVED that movie for that and other send-ups to one of my favorite movie types, the action flick.

  11. @DS sometime OMG is all you can say!

  12. Great post. He would make a GREAT doll! then I could pair him with lots of dolls and not feel bad about being an old lady. Everyone's comments have me cracking up! great post!

  13. @ LadyNight, I want to see that too! Need to go search...........

  14. @kristl Lolol, when you see a good looking man, we can't help what comes out of our mouths!


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