New Doll Room in A Box!

First off let me say, I need a week to finish my videos because episode 5 will be a little longer. I took a lot of pictures for the summer serious so I can move further a long with the stories coming in October or November.

I did another doll room which is part of Addie's sister apartment Chandra, again you will see more photos in the next coming months.The doll rooms in a box are easy to use because I live in apartment myself and I can easily put stuff away in my closet.

I do feel that I should of done a better job on this, but it's all good!
Sneak Peek at Episode 5


  1. I think the room looks off the hook, personally. Thank you for posting the link to see myfroggystuff's tutorials. She's awesome and her crafts fit in to my budget nicely. :)

  2. I like the wall art. It reminds me of some of the DOTW Barbies. :)

  3. I love it!! I too adore her crafts. :)


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