My Fashion Royalty List Part 1

This coming July 2010 will mark 2 years of my collection of Fashion Royalty dolls! It has been fun collecting the fabulous divas and divos of the doll world! I first fell in love with FR at my first doll show of April 2008 and hanging out with other fellow doll collectors and seeing their dolls. At that moment I have been saving money by missing meals, not buying myself extra pair of shoes or missing treatments for my hair to save money to get Fashion Royalty dolls and it has been very hard to get the dolls I wanted!
My first Fashion Royalty doll I was not too sure about but, I am so in love with every part of her. Grand Arrival Colette was not my first doll of choice but, she has become a very big part of my doll collecting life!
Here is a list of what I have so far……………………………..
1.Grand Arrival Colette – Came in a hot box but was very cool at sunset!
2.Painted Black Colette - Than there came my 2nd Fashion Royalty Doll and she just had to be another Colette Painted in Black Who I named Chanel D.
3.Urban Outfitting Nadja- The Urban Queen Ms. Nadja is in the house 
4.GoldStroke Adele - Everything looks in Gold especially Adele 
5.Hard Act to Follow Nadja renamed Maizah Way- Dark Lovely never looks so good!
6.Young Rich and Beautiful Erin- Erin has been known to be a bitch at times but she is finding her way in the doll world!
Later this week I will list my 7,8, and finally 9th Fashion Royalty Doll Lucky 9 Photo Shoot!


  1. lol... we live poor so we can play with pretty dolls hehe

  2. Congratulations on your Fashion Royalty collection!

    I love your border up top - with your African American dolls.


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