My Fashion Royalty lists Part 2

I’m continuing with My Fashion Royalty list and get ready because lucky 9 is not to far away!
7. London By Night Ayumi N- To be honest I did not want this Ayumi, Miracle Child Ayumi was the one I was dying to have when I saw in person but, its was so hard looking for her it became impossible. I Finally broke down and order London by Night in May of 2009. It wasn’t until September 09 that I really adore this doll for who she is. Although I love dolls with dark brown or black hair I was able to put aside my thoughts of Miracle Child and gave London a chance.
8. Checking Out Francisco- Just like London By Night, Checking out Francisco was not my Knight! The Francisco I wanted came with the black and red underwear! He also was so hard to find at the time but I can wait and see what the next line has to offer in 2010.
9. living Dangerously Kyori-  The sexy red head Kyori is in my heads. I was never a huge fan of the Kyori dolls, but this one I just had to broke down and buy her. What’s not to love about this doll, she is just so beautiful and those lips are what every women wants!
Next to come Photos of Francisco and Kyori


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