Hello Everyone

Let me start off first by saying, sorry for not updating the blog. I'm in school right now and have to finish up my papers and all; anyone who in college knows when the finals are around the block we try to study as much as we can. Plus I'm doing so well in my class, you know I'm hunting down a doll to treat myself. I need to find something soon before Christmas, because I bought nothing new since Nadja and I'm been a very good girl. After or before the 20th of December I will post some Christmas photos of my dolls. But here is one I take last year; this is 2007 Barbie Holiday doll. She is just too cute!!!
Please come back and check for more upcoming blogs soon.


  1. I remember that pic! I couldnt find her last year. Can't wait to see your Xmas pics. I'll be doing the same! ^.^


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