My First Model Muse.....................

It goes like this, I never really liked the Model Muse dolls when I first lay eyes on them. I mean come on, they really can't do much of anything but stand there and give you a smile or don't smile at all. At the doll cafe many of the members there are crazy about the Model Muses and for the life of me, I really could not understand why. Well one day, this beautiful dark&lovely doll came up on my screen and I fell in love. There was just something about her that fulled my heart with such joy. She is Ms. Milan who I rename Michelle Walker. As I was shopping last Christmas of 2007 I saw her in a Cookie's Children Department store for 19.99, knowing that I did not have enough money on my credit care I went on and bought her anyway. Milan aka Michelle is still with me today. I will never give her up for anything.
Today I have 14 Model Muses. After all the talk I gave to myself to never buy these dolls, I really like dressing them up and taking pictures. Part of being a doll collector is having an open mind to find out what dolls you like or dislike. I don't dislike too many dolls; some dolls are made for different who have different taste. It never hurts to see what favor you like more in being a doll collector. I hope to collect more Model Muses and other other ladies in the new year.