All the Single Ladies!

Remember in 2008 Popstar Beyonce mad the most annoying song to man called "Single Ladies(Put a ring on it)"! I myself hated that God awful song but millions of others had to get in front of their video cameras and redid the famous moves in Beyonce's video! As I said before the song and video is annoying, but not as annoying when everybody and their mama went jumping around in a black one piece to recreate the

The video I'm about to show you beats out all the other wannabes! A you girl on Youtube who collects Liv dolls did her own single ladies video better than all the rest! This is why this video is in my favorites!


  1. Now this is what I call "Living" it up. Too cute!


  2. WURK!!!! That was the cutest video I've seen to date.


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