Stuff I found in the closet Part 2

This looks like a school locker right! When I was in high school I pretty much had everything in my locker, I could not have my Walkman on me so I left it in my locker. I kept all my extra school work in there just in case I needed it. Your locker is like your bedroom you can set it up anyway you want!

The locker opens up to a secret place where a doll can put on makeup, listen to music, get dress and finish her school work on time!

I really don't remember buying this set or what doll came with it but I will try to find out!


  1. What an interesting playset, I want one!

  2. Whoa! I saw an orange locker that came with a Teresa doll. I don't know if the locker has that sort of surprise. If I knew that it did, I would have bought it.

  3. What do you call this Barbie?


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