Takeo's New Sister & Addie's New Aunt!

I have decide to make a few changes regrading the families in Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story! 

1. Nolee (Takeo sister) and Natoya (Addie Aunt) have been replaced: When making the cast for the show I always wanted these two ladies to have a part in it but as show business goes, things happen and the program must go on. Don't worry or cry just yet because I will find some way for both Nolee and Natoya to be in this story or in any story in the future 

Here are the backgrounds to each family

Now I have to redo some photos all over again!  "BIG SIGN"

2. After receiving my new doll 2 months ago and another doll I had since the summer of 2009, I have come to my conclusion that the new sister and aunt are the best fit for the show! Plus if you read my facebook page I gave you a spoiler to who is Takeo new sister. I told people to look around in the photo section!

3. Fashion Royalty Annik and Dynamite Girl Sooki are in: I needed a balance in both the families; in Takeo's family I'm keeping it as 3 integrity dolls and 1 Mattel doll and in Addie's family 3 Mattel dolls and 1 integrity doll!  

As I stated in my last post, I'm going to make these stories as real as I can which means there will be a lot adult contact. I don't know if I should make another YouTube channel because I really want to get raw!


  1. The are perfect for the role!! I know how it is with changing characters. I'm in the same situation with my characters but like you said, that's showbiz. LOL

    By the way, I say...let your hair down girl! I'm contemplating putting an block on this blog page to detour younger folks from viewing. There's so much in adult life that goes on that would make for great stories.

    Can't wait to see these ladies in your episodes. Love your collection!

  2. Hello from Spain: Changes must always think positive and see the new characters are more beautiful. I love Sooki has perfect hair. I look forward to finishing the show. We remain in contact blog blog

  3. I love both your new dolls. I look forward to seeing them in action.


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