Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Profiles of the Ailey Family

 The Profiles of the Ailey family is here, I will working on the first episode this weekend 
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The Ailey Family

Addie Ailey

Addie was a shy girl growing up in Rogers, Texas with her parents David and Royce Ailey and little sister Chandra Ailey. As a child Addie was picked on in school because of the color of her skin (some things never change), which made Addie fall into a deep depression. Not wanting to keep her feelings inside anymore, Addie told her parents about how she was feeling and they seek help immediately! 

After a few therapy sessions Addie learned how to turn depression into something greater and at the age of 6 dancing became Addie’s biggest comrade. Within 6 months Addie was catching up with the adults who been dancing way before her time, this made Addie’s younger sister Chandra follow in her big sister foot steps. Addie taught Chandra the basics of dancing and with so much practice, Chandra was right behind Addie! 

One year later, Addie and Chandra’s after school program put on a show to raise money. Of course the Sister Act will be the stars of the show; this was such a big deal for them Addie’s parents invite family to come see the girls perform. Addie’s parents were so pound with the changes Addie had made, they wanted to give both girls a party for their hard work!

When the girls perform on stage together, the crowd was at awe with all the talent that Addie and her sister Chandra displayed on stage! At the end of the show the girls could not wait to get home with their cousin Donjae and party. 

 On that same night, Addie will need dancing to survive one more time because nothing will ever be the same for her, Chandra, Donjae and auntie NaToya again! 

 Chandra Ailey

Chandra was always a sassy girl all her life, nothing like her sister Addie who is very soft spoken and quiet. Addie only speaks when she has something to say; Chandra is the opposite, she is bold and very out spoken! Chandra was also picked on about her skin color and she would turn right back around and say “F**K YOU!” Chandra never used those words again because mommy and daddy were not having it!

Even though Chandra was wise beyond her years, she so admired her older sister Addie and wanted to follow her lead. Chandra was 5 when she and Addie did they first show together; at first Chandra was not the best dancer but with help from Addie she turn out to be pretty good!

When Chandra and Addie perform for the first time on stage it was magic, everyone loved them and the outfits Chandra design with help from mom also made the show! Chandra will ways cherish the time she spend with her parents because that all she had to remember them by!

 Donjae Walker

Donjae grew up in Brooklyn, New York; he lived with his dad Andrew Walker and mom NaToya Ailey. Donjae loves music, the arts, fashion, and video games! Donjae also loves writing and reading, something he likes to keep to himself because all his ideas come from the people around him. Donjae doesn’t want anyone acting funny, because maybe they fear him writing about bad stuff about them! 

When Donjae was young boy, he went to visit his family in Roger, Texas! Donjae was so excited to see his cousins Addie and Chandra show, of course after living in New York Donjae parents always took him to Broadway plays, so he had not problems seeing his 2 home girls from the TX dance their butts off!

Donjae loved his cousins’ show and could not wait to tell them about how good they did. Little did he know that these same cousins will come live with him and that he would leave his dad in Texas. 

 Natoya Ailey Walker

If you read Kyori Oono Mizutani and Dai Oono profiles, you would find that Natoya A. Walker is very much like them. Natoya is very private when it comes to taking care of her family. Natoya has a good job as a fashion editor at a very popular black magazine and though the job is demanding, she always has time for her family!

Natoya and Andrew met in college and could not stop loving each other; they got married and had one son Donjae. Natoya was always kind of happy and nevus of her brother David because he had 2 girls. Whenever Natoya got the chance, she will spend some serious cash for her nieces. Whose idea you think it was to have a party for the girls after the show!

Natoya will always blame herself for planning that party; she will hate herself more for not having Donjae’s father around. Because that night after Addie and Chandra show, Natoya will have to be both Mommy and Daddy to Donjae, Addie and Chandra!


  1. Hmmm. You have my interest piqued. Can't wait to hear about what happened at/after the party.

  2. more details will come soon! I'm taking this story to another level. When I think more about, changes just come along the way!


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