Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Winter Season Of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is coming and there are BIG CHANCES AND DRAMA!

Hello to all my fellow Bloggers, Followers or to anyone who comes in connect with this blog!

I wanted to do a Thanksgiving special but I just had to pass because there is too much work to make the food, the background and so on. I'm focusing all my energy into episode 7 and beyond.

First off I change Takeo's sister Nolee and Addie's aunt Natoya look for the new faces at the end of this week!

* There will be some major spoilers coming...............Follow me on Facebook because that's where I will be posting THE SPOILERS! BrooklynStarsForever on Facebook

I joined a Asian Men and Black Women group on facebook and it has really helped me into how to write my stories, listening or reading other people life stories was great research and I will bring some of those stories to life!

Later this week I posted Takeo's New sister and Addie's New aunt! 

See you Later!

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