My Fashion Royalty List Part 5: Say Whattttttttt

I never thought I would have 15 Fashion Royalty dolls because I was so against them before branching out from the Barbie World, well here I am 3 in half years later and being a crazy fan. I would like to take you back a little bit so here are some old posts of My Fashion Royalty List 1-4.

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Now that you read all that junk get ready to read more junk because I going to explain why I love the current dolls I have and post photos.

14. Scene Stealer Isha- When I first saw Isha comeback this year I was really excited because I always wanted an Isha doll but could not find a decent amount to buy her. I didn't want Scene Stealer Isha at first because I thought they made her a little too light (please don't get mad with me read what I met here Isha Comeback As A Scene Stealer!) I finally got Isha in September and I'm so happy to have this girl right here with me and I don't want to give her up!
15. Quiet Storm Annik: Where the F**k is Nadja? is what I said to myself when Annik appear on my screen. I had no love for her what-so-ever. There has not been a new Nadja doll in 3 years and I think it's time she comes back, I don't mean to be a bitch I would take Nadja over Annik any day. However, I bought Annik because I wanted her body for one of my other dolls with the same skin-tone as her and all that changed once Annik was out the box. I quickly fell in love with Ms. Quiet Storm. Annik takes great photos I mean just look at that photo above!



  1. I enjoyed all of your pictures. I only have a couple of FR dolls. Goldstroke Adele is a favorite (that I don't have). Like you, I was drawn to Perk Colette and had to have her. The rest, I really enjoy gawking over, but don't get that "gotta have it" feeling.

  2. Congratulations on your 15! Whoo hoo!

    I have about 5 now. Sigh. Someday, I am gonna get the missing Adeles I want, one Annik, and one Giselle. Oh, heck, there are probably a few others I would add ;-D

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of your dolls.


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