Doll Short Stories

Over the past year, I’ve been having battles with myself over whether I should do doll stories or not! Well the battle is finally over and  my first story will be posted on November 12! Get ready to have some fun with “The Newbie’s and friends”.

Newbie’s is about any new dolls that come home, get new clothes, shoes, bodies and etc! I want to create fun loving stories that would make you laugh, cry while reading! Newbie’s will also focus on dolls I already have in my collection and I will bring some real life issues into it

I will premiere one story once or every two months so I won’t overwhelm myself and the readers!

I know I said above this page that I will premiere a story every two months, well lately I been doing other things beside writing. You can bet there are a few stories coming soon and if God is willing; this coming summer I will do a very special Newbie's story. Please stay tune and look for more juicy stories to come!

The Newbie's Stories List

1. Out The Box
2. The New Guy without a Body 
3. Guess who's coming to dinner?
4.Spider Man Vs. Spider Man  
5.A Christmas Love Story
6.You maybe a Monster but, You're still my sister!---Coming Soon 

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