The New Dress

I did something on Friday afternoon that I haven't done in so long. I went looking around in the doll section at Target! Mattel has been falling so hard from grace over the years and I don't know what they can do to bring themselves back up. 2005 I would visit Target and was so amazed by the selection of fashions. Ten years later, Barbie fashions are not what the use to be and that could be a problem for Mattel in the future. We will talk about Mattel and their lack of interest in the Barbie brand another day, but let me get back to the point. I found an awesome dress and you will surly love the girls who modeled the fashion. 

Addie is back and is looking classy as always. 

Still going strong, but that wedding tho!

Darla is here and she is so mad at me
because I never really showed her off.

Darla is the only Poppy Parker doll I have. In my opinion, 
the Parker dolls are the American version of FR Nippon dolls.
Speaking of Nippon dolls I'm getting one soon.


The Heartbreaker just broke your heart again!

I needed to style Tj and see how well the dress works
with other fashions. As you notice the dress blends in great 
and Tj killed every single shot.

That is it for now, I will be back later this week to blog some more.
Happy 4th of July


  1. I saw that dress so many times but the lack of the design going around the whole dress kept it on the shelf. Your ladies are rocking it. I have 2 Amelie dolls that I need to blow the dust off along with the rest of my clan. Long overdue photo shoots need to happen while the weather is good. I'm so glad to see you getting back into the groove slowly but surely.

    Wait is that another new lady in addition to Kyori? LOL you know I'm not one to talk since you see my list of dolls coming in. There are more in September, oy vey ;O)

  2. All of the dolls looked great in the dress. I did not purchase this one, but your pics have made me reconsider.

  3. Yay,you're back! Great seeing Addie again. The other two are grail dolls, so it's definitely great seeing them, too. Welcome back.

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