Missing Dolls Are Now Found

4 months ago my house was in much need of a paint job. I pack all my things up and put them in the living room. In late May, I started to bring my things out of the living room. I was dealing with so much within those 4 Months that my mind just checked out. The night before my dolly outing is when I realize one of my dynamite girls was missing. I was so scared because my living had so much stuff in there that maybe she got crushed.

While at work the next day, Erin pop in my mind and the panic began. When I clocked out of work, I hurried home to find all my dolls. Along with Erin and the Dynamite girl 2 more dolls were missing. I wrecked the living room, looking in every storage bin that came in my contact. I then saw a little box in the concer. Behold, I found my dolls. They were all safe and not broken. 

I love this Erin so much. No matter how many Erins' Integrity make, this one will always be fabulous.

My fashionista and Top Model Barbie are so lovely.

Don't worry, more posts are coming soon!


  1. Isn't it a relief when you find what you thought you lost. I've had a couple of those moments. I have way too much but those moments are what cause me to clear out stuff LOL :O)

  2. I can't seem to find my Big and Beautiful Dasia. I hid them because my sister wants one and I couldn't dare let her know that I have two. Lol! Now I can't find them. I am glad that you were able to locate yours. Glad to see your post.

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