Let The Power House In

"With great power comes responsibility!"
  Ben Parker, SpiderMan's uncle

Those are wise words to live by when you do anything in life. Especially if that great power is money. In life you have to earn a living and it is your responsibility to manage your income. However, that can all change when you're a doll collector. 

Integrity announced the new lines for 2015 and everyone is in awe with the Nu Face Collection. I'm going to get straight to the point.

After soon many years Polarity Nadja made such a huge comeback. With a new face, Nadja is again the talk of the town. As a Nadja fan, I am not too fond of the dark beauty. I do miss the way Nadja use to look when it came to her skin tone. Nadja had a little ashy ( not too ashy and please don't get made people) look that was so irresistible. Nadja melt your heart with that sweet baby face and in your face attitude. For the people that wanted Nadia, this is your time to get her!

Now for the real meat and potatoes.

In 2012 I made a choice not to purchase any new dolls, well I brokedown on my will power and made a deposit on Power House Ayumi. Ayumi was the only one who was giving me so many feeling about  buying her. In 24 hours my mind went so far left, I got my credit card that I JUST paided off and order Ayumi.

That face is calling me!

Okay babes, I have to go beat myself up for what I did!
More posts coming soon!


  1. They are both just gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your Ayumi.

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