Oh My, Please forgive me!

My last post was in December!

So many things have happened and I really had no room in my day to blog. I bought me a new phone last October to use it for blogging until I search for a new laptop to my liking. All I did with that phone was, check in on Facebook, download free music and watching videos on YouTube! Since then, the WiFi on the phone stop working as of last week. Still not ready to buy me a new computer and in need of my internet; I found an inexpensive tablet that works really great. (Mind you I writing this post on the tablet right now, not cute at all!) 

This post is just an update to let you know I miss you all and I will be popping in from time to time! 

Ebony Nicole
Love this cup!


  1. Hi Ebony Nicole, I'm always glad to see posts from you. I like your re-designed blog and I hope you find a good laptop soon. Best Wishes!


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