Sometime In 2014.........

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone Thanksgiving was great.  I pray that you have a safe Christmas and have many blessing coming in the new year.

Let me just tell you a short story of what happening in my life.

I bought a new computer in 2012, but I hardly used it because I feared my mother would mess it up like she did the last one. When I tried to upload the antivirus in my computer, for some reason my email, blogger, facebook and everything else will not come up. Now I have to call someone to help me out because I don't want to poke into anything I don't know. Wish me luck on that one!

As I told you early this year, I have a job now. When I get off in the afternoon I don't want to do a damn thing. Dealing with people is a damn pain in the ass.

To keep in touch with all of you, I post pictures on my Flickr account (through my phone) under the name Ebony Nicole 35. You can see my most recent photos there.

I love and miss each one of you. I think about all of you all the time. Who would think that you will become close to people you never laid your eyes on!

Until I can go on the internet on my new computer, I will talk or blog to you soon!



  1. Hi Ebony Nicole! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and that you have an even better Christmas. I'm wishing you many blessing in the new year. Congratulations on your new job! My husband installed Google Chrome on my phone and I just recently started using it to keep up with my blog reading while I'm on breaks at work. I haven't used my phone to make any posts yet, but I can read the blogs and view photos. It's pretty cool! I'll have to take a photo on my phone and post it to my blog, just to see how it goes. I'm glad to see you posting!

  2. Hello Ebony,
    Wishing you a great holiday season! I know people can be a real pain sometimes, but there are some gems to be found. I'm just now getting back into the doll blog world, and always come back to your. Be well, and I hope you get your computer fixed. X

  3. Hello dear! Nice to see a post from you . We miss you. Hope to see more of you in 2014. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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