The Fashion Pack from Family Dollar

Hello Ladies and Dudes

I do miss you all. As I shared with you before looking for a job, working on my grammar lesson and trying to keep a roof over my head has this woman going bananas. However, I do give myself some time to be a kid again. Only if it's for a day. 
Three weeks ago, I went to Family Dollar to buy a few things and notice that they were way too earlier for Christmas. The decor is set and the toys are ready to be bought. While walking in the store I played a game that I lost to. The game goes like this; I spy with my little eye, something very colorful and only cost $5. Dollars. 
Are these clothes well made? The answer to that will be a big old NO. Aside from that, the dresses are lovely and do look cute on the girls. Next week I'll post photos of the girls and you tell me what you think? 

Oh what the hell, I'll post a few photos right now.
Kyori is looking lovely

Ayumi, why even bother.
Drop the mic and walk off the stage!


  1. The dress on Ayumi does look very cute.

  2. ye sfamily dollar had some interesting things in their store i saw the single Barbie dresses for $3 bucks while Walmarts are like $3.29. I also saw a articulated knockoff monster high doll for about $8 bucks. They have some good things there.

    1. I rememeber the days when those single Barbie dresses were only $1.99. The Family Dollar were I live only has those knockooff Monster High Dolls for $5. $8 bucks, really?

  3. Good to see you posting again. I love the new background. I bought this fashion pack yesterday. My plus size girls have decided to commandeer the dress Kiyori is wearing. The one Ayumi has on is a total disaster. I'm putting it in the box of dolls I keep for visiting children to play with. The longer blue gown and the short pink and purple dress with the bubble skirt were the best two. Can't wait to see your photos.

  4. They do look nice in the package. They look nice on your ladies, too. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  5. I saw these and plan to go back. Family Dolkar had quite a few items in there that I plan to get. I hope all is going well and so glad to see you back. I need to get on it myself. My blog is begging me to cone back. Lol!

  6. Good to see you posting EN. I have seen these at FD as well. They look nice on your dolls.

    I also saw the knock-off MH dolls at FD. The price here is $5.

    Continue your self-improvement and keep us updated on your progress.


    1. Thanks DBG and that goes for the rest of you. Tapping into my writing skills away from the blog is helping me become a better person. I needed to go through a little hardship to get to this point in my life.I'll make a few blog posts for the rest of the year. I will not disapper!

  7. Hi,Nicole!!
    In the package they look great!
    In the body,I like the one Kyori is wearing.
    I like the style something vintage,a little rockabilly style...
    The blue royal in the midle of the pack seems beautiful...
    Is it from Mattel??What's the factory??
    Hugs Baby!!(Love To Have Your Visit On My New Post!!)

    __________________________________ JorgeRamiro.

  8. WOW! Kyori is gorgeous in that dress!!

  9. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchase. I love the dress especially the pink polka dots. Ayumi is very elegant. On television in my country are issuing news about severe weather that you have in your city ... I hope it's nothing serious ... Keep in touch

  10. These clone items are looking pretty fancy. Me like!

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